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Lowell Thanks 4 Giving 2014 Race Report

Posted by David Hardy
David Hardy
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on Monday, December 01, 2014
in Road Races

Running a road race has been a part of my Thanksgiving Day tradition 16 times. I ran my hometown Lowell Thanks for Giving 5k race for the 11th time on Thanksgiving Day. Due to the moderate snowstorm we had on Wednesday night the conditions were not the best on Thanksgiving morning. Shoveling out my driveway before heading out to the race is not a chore I would like to add to my Thanksgiving Day.

I am not in great shape at the moment but running this race is more tradition than running a good time. This is a great opportunity to burn a few calories before the big meal and impress your family with your incredible fitness commitment. If you run on Thanksgiving Day I am sure you have heard something like this around the dinner table.

You ran today?   Wow, really? You did a race this morning?   Incredible!

The reality is if you are a runner the Thanksgiving Day 5k/5 miler is kind of fun and really doesn’t take that much commitment. Everyone has the day off and there is always a festive atmosphere in the air.

2014 Thanks 4 Giving 5k Race

This year due to the snowstorm the night before, race officials were challenged with shoveling snow away from the start/finish line and dealing with icy conditions.  It wasn’t extremely cold but the snow made it feel colder. Due to the conditions there seemed to be a lot less people than usual. I checked the results and there were about 400 people less than the previous year.

Every year I attend a Thanksgiving spoiler on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving Day. This year I had a great time…Maybe too good of a time. Take a look at the picture below.

 You would think this would be how I would look after running the race. Unfortunately this was me before the race. Let’s just say I don’t always make things easy on myself to maintain my Thanksgiving Day running tradition.

I quickly decided that due to the conditions I would just enjoy the day and run with my wife. This ended up being a good choice as there was no way I could have run a solid effort. It really is amazing how much easier it is to run a 5k when you are not racing. (Haha!)  We finished around 23:30 and kept the tradition alive.

The Lowell Thanks 4 Giving 5k/10k is a great event with an easy course, good parking, and is well organized. If you do not have a Thanksgiving Day race you attend and are in the Lowell area next year give it a try!


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