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Running is Not Always Easy

Posted by David Hardy
David Hardy
VTR Expert
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on Tuesday, May 20, 2014
in Road Races

Week 7 of the Good Times Spring Series.....In a 10 week series with cumulative points scoring it is mandatory to show up for 10 straight Tuesday nights and run a 5k. If you think you have a chance to place in your age group or want the Golden Mylie Award (finish all 10 races) then you have no choice....Tuesday nights is Good Times night no matter what. This is not always an easy accomplishment.

I have not wrote a post for a few weeks....Here is an update on my series progress.

Unfortunately I hurt my back 2 weeks ago after a bike ride. I completed my ride, got off my bike and immediately felt a sharp pain across my lower back. I had pain and tightness in my lower back for the rest of the day. I woke up Sunday night and could not get out of bed. On Monday I was in extreme pain and could not go to work. I went to the chiropractor and my regular doctor and received pain medication and muscle relaxers. This medication helped a little but I was still in terrible pain.

The bottom line is that after 2 days of extreme pain I was faced with an issue. Tuesday night is Good Times night. How am I going to do the race when I could not get out of bed in the morning??? Now you may consider what I think important as ridiculous but at the moment placing in my age group in the series and getting the Golden Mylie are my top priorities. My plan is to accomplish this goal at all costs.

Why is this so important? Not really sure. The Good Times Spring Series has become an important part of my season for several years. Once I start the series I will not stop.....check out what happened last year on a Tuesday. (2013 Heart Attack Scare)

Back to my story....First a disclaimer. (I am not a doctor nor do I believe anyone should take any medical advice from me nor consider my actions as appropriate.) How did I get it done? I rested my back all day and then took a double dose of pain medication in the afternoon. I then took a hot shower and used a heating pad on my back until right before I left for the race. I walked to the start of the race (no warm-up) and then started much further back at the start. How did I do? After a very slow and painful first mile my back actually warmed up and I finished strong. I ended with a time of 21:08...only about a minute slower than usual.  Success!

My back is slowly getting better but I am still in pain. Last week (week 6) I managed my best time in the series so far (20:00) and this week (week 7) I ran a very uninspired 20:18.

Runners are used to running through physical pain, poor weather conditions, personal issues etc. Non runners don't understand why we choose to suffer. Most people outside of our sport decide to quit the minute they feel slightly uncomfortable. Determination and the ability to ignore being uncomfortable are common traits in runners. This ability is what gets us to the finish line when our body has nothing left. We do not quit or give up....We also may be a little crazy...

 Week 7 results   20:18 12th overall  2nd age group

Current age group place in series:   2nd

On to week 8...three weeks to go!

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