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Another Week at Good Times 5k Series

Posted by David Hardy
David Hardy
VTR Expert
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on Sunday, April 27, 2014
in Road Races

This week was the third week in the 10 week Good Times 5K Series. The interesting part of this week was the race format. For week three women start first and then 2:30 later all of the men start the race. The overall winner of the race receives $100, man or woman. I am not in competition for the $100 but beating my wife in this race is a yearly goal.


Although I enjoy the format of this race I do not enjoy the race conditions. The Good Times course is narrow in many places and it is very difficult to navigate through 200 women on the course.

The weather was a balmy 65 degrees and a little muggy. After the women started we waited the 2:30 and then took off. As I expected running along the Riverwalk was extremely difficult and at times I had to almost come to a stop to wait for an opening through the crowd of women runners. Now this week I decided to run without a watch so I do not have any split times but I felt like I had a slow first mile. I struggled a bit over the second mile (third week in a row) and continued to press on. Finally I got on the Aiken Street Bridge and in the distance I saw my wife. Now I knew that even though I was feeling terrible there was no way I wasn't going to catch her. I continued at a steady pace and passed her just before the Tsongas Arena and pushed to the finish.

As I mentioned last week, in a ten week series there are a lot of ups and downs. This week's goal was to 1) Catch my wife; 2) Run a steady time....How did I do? Well, I beat my wife and I ended up running 20:14. That is 2 seconds faster than week two and my fastest time so far in the series. (not that fast)

This is not a misprint...I ran 2 seconds faster than last week but came in the same position overall and in my age group.

20:14  10th overall 2nd in age group...on to week 4.

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