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Meet Dave

Dave Hardy

Welcome to viewtherace.com! My name is Dave Hardy. I am not a running coach, professional triathlete, or fitness trainer. I am someone like you who thrives off the motivation I feel after signing up for a big event. My love of travel and racing has led me to compete in events across the United States and Canada for over 20 years. I have completed over 400 events including 90 multi-sport events, 7 marathons, 40 half marathons, and several ultra distance events including an Ironman in 2012. I compete in 20-25 races a year because training for events keeps me motivated.

When I'm training for an important event, I try to prepare myself by learning as much as I can about the course. If it's possible, I'll even drive the course before the event, so I know what to expect. However, driving the course is often not an option and relying on race maps and course descriptions can be frustrating.  My goal with this website is to offer runners, cyclists, and triathletes a chance to preview the race course prior to the event.  I hope my website can be a valuable tool in your race preparation.

Follow my blog, and maybe I will see you at an event this year!

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