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Want a Course Video for your Event?

Adding a course video to your race website is a great way to promote your event and provide athletes with all of the information they need to be ready for race day. We have over 200 course videos in our video library and would love to add yours!

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out the contact form on the right to request a free price quote for your event. We can film all races both on/off-road and offer very reasonable prices. Contact us today!

How do we create your course video?


Using an accurate map of your course we begin by planning how we’ll film your course, what camera or type of vehicle we’ll need and if we’ll need special permission to access any areas of your course.


Depending on the access we have to the course we will usually drive or bike the course with an HD video camera mounted to the vehicle or bike and positioned to capture the best video possible.


Editing covers many things, such as looking through all the footage, selecting the best clips, slowing the video down during turns or complex parts of the course, or speeding things up during long straight-aways.

Titles & Graphics

The title of your race, your logo , and other titles marking street names, directions, course features, or mile markers along the way can be added to your course video.


Narration is added to your course video that provides the viewer expert tips, advice, and information about the course. I typically run or bike your course to ensure I can provide an accurate description of your event.


Background music is added to the video to help keep the excitement and tempo up!


Once a video is edited it’s time to render the video. Rendering is the process by which the computer generates each frame of the video, combining all the titles, narration, and music into a single video file. This process, depending on the length of the video, number of titles titles, audio, etc., in the video can be slow, sometimes taking hours to complete.

Web Upload

After your video is compressed, it is uploaded to the web for streaming where it can then be shared, embedded and shown on your website.

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