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Merrimack 10.6k Swim Event

About the Race

The Merrimack 10.6k Swim Event is a long distance swim race that will be held in the Merrimack River. This race will start at Frost Road Park in Tyngsboro and finish at the Lowell Beach in Lowell. Swimmers will take in the beauty of the river for 6.6 miles and pass under both the Tyngsboro Bridge and the Rourke Bridge. This race will also feature a 3 person relay with each leg between 2-2.5 miles.

Race Details

Race Name: Merrimack 10.6k Swim Event Race Type: Swim Race Distance: 6.6 miles Event Date: September 2016 City: Lowell State: Massachusetts Race Results: Merrimack 10k Swim 2014 Race Results Official Website:

Merrimack 10.6k Start Location

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