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Lone Gull 10k

About the Race

The Lone Gull 10k Road Race in Gloucester, Massachusetts is a mostly flat course in a beautiful area to run. Gorgeous views of the ocean and rocky cliffs will be the backdrop of the course both at the beginning and end of the race. The course also travels past the impressive homes on Eastern Point Boulevard and also runs by Niles Beach. The course ends with views of Good Harbor Beach.

Race Details

Race Name: Lone Gull 10k Race Type: Road Race Distance: 6.2 Miles Event Date: September 2017 City: Gloucester State: Massachusetts Race Results: Lone Gull 10k 2016 Race Results Official Website: http://cccbsd.org/news-events/lone-gull-10k/

Lone Gull 10k Course Map and Elevation Chart

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