Saturday July 12th 2014
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Saturday July 12th 2014

Did the Run for Transformation 5k in Costa Mesa, CA. When I am on vacation I always like to race. This race ended up being bizarre and disappointing. This was a small event (120 entrants) held entirely in a park.

Unfortunately they did not have the course marked very well. There was an interior loop within the park that was supposed to be completed 2x and about 75% of the field only did it 1x. To make matters worse they did not adjust the results. I was in 7th place overall and I got to the finish line and there were 50 or more people there. Very poorly run event and irritating that I had to put in a solid effort and get no results. In addition after the second interior loop the course was not clear and I ended up stopping and talking to my wife about which way to go during the race. I was about 2 minutes ahead of her but with all of the stoppages we finished closed together.
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